Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Love Me Some Houndstooth

I really do!  I have shirts, skirts, and sweaters that all reflect the houndstooth pattern.  I love it in the traditional black and white, but I also appreciate the pattern in different colors.  When I saw that Konad had a houndstooth pattern on an image plate I was excited for all the combos I could possibly try.  For my first combo I decided to do a more traditional houndstooth, with a twist of course! 

I used Orly's Liquid Vinyl and Shine for my pattern.  I love the use of silver instead of white.  I do wish I would have used the Konad black though for a more solid look, the Liquid Vinyl looks almost like a grey on the silver.

I do plan on using the silver again with this pattern, I think it looks awesome.  It's kinda like foil.  I think it would be really cute paired up with a bright pink or maybe even a vivid blue.


rmcandlelight said...

Your mani is very pretty...I love the hounds tooth as well :)

susies1955 said...

I love your manicure. I love the gray and silver. :)