Thursday, May 20, 2010

Testing,, two, three!

I have been completely MIA from the blogosphere!  I have been so busy with life that I have barely had time to polish my nails...don't worry ladies...not quite that busy.  Just been too busy to be around a computer long enough to add a post.  I spent the weekend visiting a friend in Indianapolis and then have had one of the most crazy weeks at work ever! 

I came back from my mini-vaca and was thrilled to have received my BundleMonster fauxnad plates.  I can't wait to use these!  So many designs and lots of variety!

I promise a post with pics tomorrow and I hope to catch back up with my postings. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

1001 Hidden Treasures

I've been perusing a lot of blogs lately and many, many bloggers have been posting up their pics and review of Sally Hansen's Hidden I decided to add mine to the list...making it 1001 different reviews ;)
I purchased the Midnight in New York and started out applying that.  It is a nice black with subtle multi-color glitter.  I think the glitter looks a bit more interesting in the bottle than it does on my nail though.  Most people did not notice the glitter when I wore the polish alone, they simply remarked that I was wearing a very dark black...not my usual interesting designs.  I took a pic of it even though its not remarkable.  I also am including a not-so-great pic as my attempt at picking up the tones of the glitter.

See-not so great!

So I wore the black for a couple of days and decided it was just too drab for me...time for some Hidden Treasure overlay!
All I can say!  I love the Hidden Treasure over the black!  Two of my co-workers noticed it first thing this morning.  One described it as an oil slick that has the sun shining on it because it has so many different colors and it changes as you move your hands.

I think you can really see the red, yellow and green tones it reflects in the light.  It's hard to describe the look too because it does not exactly look like a glitter, the flecks are all different sizes and when applied some form larger areas than others, others just look more like glitter.  It is really interesting!

One of my followers said that she layers it over other cream that's something I will definitely have to try in the future.  I am glad I was able to get my hands on two bottles of Hidden Treasure because I think it definitely has some possibilities and I will have to mix it up with other polishes.

On a side note....I was checking these out on Ebay and people are scooping them up for $20 a bottle!  I am so glad I found mine at Walgreen's!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Let me preface this post by saying that I am completely embarrassed by the state of my cuticles! These pics are horrendous!  I have been trying to treat them during the day with a new conditioner stick I purchased as well as at night...hopefully they will look better in my next post.

I wanted to do a blue manicure...not sure why exactly...think it may have just been my mood last week.

I had gone to Ulta and had purchased the new Essie collection (love them) and thought it would be a good time to try out the Lapis of Luxury. 

I love this color in the bottle but hate the way it applies.  As you can see in the first pic, it applies kinda streaky and part of your nails don't look even...very splotchy.  After three coats I gave up and just decided to apply a simple Konad since the base was already not looking too great and I really didn't have the time to start completely over.  I just applied the simply floral Konad pattern with OPI's Yoga-ta get this Blue (love it). 

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Pursebling Giveaway-check it out!

One of my favorite blogs is FabFindsunder50.  Kimberly is awesome.  This week she is hosting a giveaway of a purse organizer courtesy of Pursebling.

Check it out here.

You can also check out Pursebling here.

Even if I don't win the contest, I think I'm going to need to invest in one of these purse organizers myself!


So excited!  I finally found the elusive Hidden Treasure by Sally Hansen.  I was lucky enough to find it along with Midnight in New York at my local Walgreens (and at a buy-one-get-one half-off price). Yay me!  I've seen this combo in many blogs recently and can't wait to try it for myself.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies out there!  Especially my you!

Sorry for the lapse in posting...will be more regular this week.  I had a heck of a week at work and was spending many hours at work and working from home-thus no posts.  This week promises to be a bit less stressful so I will have to catch up on my postings.  Until then...hope everyone has a great start to their week!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She and Him

I just recently purchased this and it has been playing continuously on my IPod. 

This album features music by Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward.  Zooey wrote most of the songs herself.  For those that do not know, I love Zooey Deschanel.  I love her voice.  I first heard her sing in the movie Elf and could not believe how great she sounded.  (I can't tell you how often I listened to Baby it's Cold Outside which she sings with Leon Redbone.)  For some reason or another her voice reminds me of Billie Holiday, an old school kind of sound that I could listen to for hours.  Of course, realizing this was Volume Two, I immediately went in search of Volume One and have added that to my repertoire. 

I highly recommend giving the songs a listen to.  You can listen to excerpts here courtesy of Amazon and right now it's only $9.99 if you purchase the CD.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Does laffy taffy really make you laugh?

As soon as I finished this manicure, all I kept thinking was that it reminded me so much of grape laffy taffy.

I used to love this stuff when I was younger.  I remember my friend and I going to the local 7-11 and buying tons of flavors.  I think they used to be like 2 cents a piece (boy am I dating myself here).  We used to try all sorts of wacky flavors, but grape was always one of my top choices.
When I set out to do this manicure, taffy was the furthest thing from my mind, now it's all I think about!

For this particular manicure I used a base of Essie's Lilacism.  I used Konad plate M57 for my design with NARS Purple Rain (byhillary reviewed it here and I knew I had to have it!)

Please excuse the messiness-was running a bit late and needed to get pics.

I think this mani is really fun but I am probably going to be changing it tonight or tomorrow.  Just a bit too unconventional for me this week since I have to conduct professional interviews.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!