Friday, December 3, 2010

Revlon Perplex..hmm, so am I.

I tell ya, I am a sucker for advertisements...
Saw this at CVS and all of a sudden, had this sudden realization that I had to have it!  I need "this season's IT SHADE for less"!  If your local store does not sell this, Amazon has available here: Revlon Perplex

I will admit though that I had no idea what color this was supposed to be compared too.  As I was getting ready to post this I realized that many bloggers/websites are comparing this color to Chanel Paradoxal.  I do not own the Chanel polish but they seem to be pretty close while in the bottle anyway.

I painted my nails with the Revlon formula and really did like it.  The application was pretty good and nice and even.  It took two coats to get a good solid coloring with this one, but I expect that with most polishes anyway.  I simply used my Seche Vite quick dry top coat and was ready to go.  The manicure pics are four days old because my camera went MIA and I didn't feel like reapplying to get my pics :)  You can see thought that it did hold up well with only minor tip wear.

I think for the $4.75 it cost to get this color, it was well worth it.  Channel dupe or not, I love it!

Anyone have any great plans for the weekend?  Not much going on this weekend for us, kinda the calm before the storm as I like to think about it.

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hillary said...

I do have the Chanel one and it's about an exact dupe down the the quizical name. It's a beautiful color and I bet you will get lots of compliments on it as it's unique. Seche is my boyfriend.