Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seven (somewhat random) Secrets

By Hillary tagged all of her readers in her post to divulge seven secrets.

Here are mine...

1. I'm one of the few people who actually like their chosen career path.  I made my choice at about 20 and have never looked back.  Certain jobs may leave a little to be desired but I do love my field of choice.

2. I hide my extreme Starbucks addiction from most people.  I know it's hard to rationalize spending so much on coffee, but it is soooooo good!

3. I like to spend way too much money on fashions, nail polishes, shoes and the like.  No really, way too much.

4. I'm extremely afraid of heights.  Always seem to have this fear of dying from falling.  This is more of a recent secret since I used to love heights/roller coasters/etc

5. I'm worried I'm in the early stages of hoarding (well, minus the fact that I am pretty clean and tidy).  Not full blown status, but I have a hard time getting rid of things.

6. I'm addicted to fashion magazines.

7. I love me some secret shopping on Ebay (or any online shopping for that matter)

I know these may not seem like big secrets or anything, but they are things that I seem to have difficulty admitting sometimes.

So to quote ByHillary  "I tag you, you, you, oh you, you, you in the corner and YOU!"

1 comment:

hillary said...

me too on the starbucks.

I feel I might appear to be a hoarder but I SWEAR it is just because I have a 300 sqfoot apt. OK and maybe I collect somethings ;)