Friday, October 29, 2010

I Love a Good Deal!

This is really random, I know, but I was so excited about this purchase!

I just had to open a new bank account (due to unfortunate circumstances) and fill out all the paperwork, etc...  The wonderful banking professional took care of everything...easy breezy...until it comes time to decide on what checks to order.  Now, I hardly use checks anymore, for anything, but I do like to have never know when ATM's may be down or debit systems and its nice to have that back up in place.  I say, "Give me the cheapest ones you have" to which she responds, "They will debit your account $36 for them".  I about fell over!  I am used to getting some sort of free checks (with our old credit union) but this bank apparently thinks its alright to steal my money from me!  Since the account was already opened and such I just decided to forego the check order and try to get by without. 

Well, sure enough I go out shopping and two stores have their debit/credit systems down and can only take cash or check of which neither I have.  So, when I get home I decide to peruse the Internet in search of some cheap checks.

I find Checks In The Mail immediately and fall in love with a super cute design.  I love them-they are called the Pompon Checks.

See how cute!  I was then super excited to find a promotion code (VALW) online which gave me a free second box!  I was able to purchase two boxes of checks for $26!  I am super happy with these checks and everyone thinks they are super cute!  I find myself wanting to write checks just to show how cute they are.

This is not a review of Checks In the Mail or their product.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I just am a satisfied customer passing along some information to others :)

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